ADP · Import and Export Services
the executive member of the Shanghai Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export

ADP was established in 2004 and its annual import and export turnover was up to nearly USD 200 million. The company is awarded the title of “Branded Service Enterprise in Shanghai”, and elected as "The Most Charming Service Provider” by the regional authority. Moreover, ADP is the executive member of the Shanghai Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export and the executive director of Shanghai Logistics Entrepreneurs Association. ADP has set up branches in many areas at home and abroad, and has established, with the group headquarter, a service network of over 70 subsidiaries in China, the United States of America, Canada, Singapore and other countries.

  • 15 years of working experience
  • 70 branches worldwide
  • Over USD200mln of annual
    import-export volume
  • Brand service enterprise
Service System

Multi-directional control of the supply chain services that integrate information flow, document flow, capital flow and Commodity Flow


Import and export agency


Industrial product type supply chain


Integration of foreign trade and logistics


Project type enterprise service



Overseas Procurement with China’s Supply – Case of Suppliers Consolidation Services Integration (Special Steel)

Misumi, a world-renowned integrated supplier of mould and accessories, with R&D throughout over 20 countries and regions around the world, and 18% of market share, is the leader in muold and parts industry.

“Jia Ding Waste Incinerator Equipment” Case of Financing Services Integration (Export to China)

Authorized by a clean energy company in Shanghai, ADP undertook Shanghai municipal government project of importing waste incinerator equipment.

Sukendi Electronic Elements

Entrusted by a renowned Japanese semi-conductor manufacturer, the company is responsible for manufacturing all electronic elements on the import air conditioner circuit control panel, including the capacitance, resistance, switch, connector, relay, curren

Offer Indian Clients Domestic Electronic Parts

VIDEOCON is a renowned Indian white goods manufacturer, with its sales network covering all corners of India and all its electronic parts related to the production purchased from China.

Export of Used Equipment

There’s a large domestic manufacturer that wants to transfer a used automatic production line to its subsidiary overseas, entrusting ADP to complete all the export operations for it, including confirmation of all policies, asset evaluation, signing of con

Sharing of the Case of Frozen Fish Import

A domestic major food manufacturer wanted to import a variety of frozen fishes from the Surinam region of South America. Through selection among several trade supply chain suppliers, they finally decided to join hands with ADP.

ADP News
Cooperative Partners

ADP is devoted to offering the design, integration, optimization and reshaping of the commercial chain, and organizing for the implementation, as in line with the clients’ demands.

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